The 6 most common questions homeschoolers are asked


“Hey there, kids – no school today?”

Nope. Not today, tomorrow, next week, or next year. Ok, now go ahead and give us the cannot-compute face. Yep, that’s it – twist that head to the side and get the deep frown going on. Theeeerrrrre you go!

“Oh…so…do you still learn things?”

Of course not, silly – we already said they don’t go to school! Learning only ever happens in school. We’re out there experiencing new things every day, exploring things we’re passionate about for as long as we want. No boundaries, no rules, no bells telling us to stop. No way are we learning anything of any importance.

“Gosh, ok – do you like homeschooling then, kids?”

I’ll jump in here and speak for them because they’ll probably just lie – they think it’s awful. Honestly. It’s a lovely sunny day out and they’re stuck here snorkelling at the beach. After that they’ll probably just hang out and read in the sun, maybe draw some stuff they found in the ocean, and then go home for a jam together on their guitar and piano. Poor things 🙁

“So do you have any friends?”

Hold on, I just need to…yep, you did…you really asked my children that question. Ok, look – no. My children are definitely not interacting with the other children in their clubs, sports teams and groups where they’re all there for the same passion-led reasons. They attend but…like…what…don’t speak or something? Yeah, that’s it – they don’t speak to the other children. No friends at all, nope.

(and now for the two bonus follow-up questions that get whispered to mum or dad)

“What will you do about socialisation, though? They’ll be…isolated…won’t they?”

You are conversing with them right now. Literally, right now. We are – as we speak – all standing here having a conversation as humans. Hi! We’re out and about in the world around us interacting with people every day, from all walks of life, spending time with other kids and adults in the aforementioned clubs and sports teams…so yes, they’re completely isolated and there’s very little chance they’ll ever develop any social skills at all.

“But what about later in life – when they want to go to university, for example? You won’t be able to teach them all the math, science and so on they’ll need for tertiary level study, surely?”

Doesn’t matter, they’ll be too socially inept by then to even know what university is, haha! I joke, I joke. Look – I’m no astrophysicist, and I’m no chemist. I’m not even that great at math. Actually, I don’t even know if it should be ‘math’ or ‘maths’. Some help school was to me, huh?! Haha. I joke again. I guess with technology giving us access to learning resources on any subject imaginable, available to be consumed at any pace a person wants to consume them at, my children are screwed. There is no way they’ll ever be able to learn anything advanced outside a classroom. Besides, my two boys are too busy peer programming their way through their own platform game to worry about things like math. Err, maths.

Oooo, look, the frown is back! Well, we better move on – the kids need to go and..not..speak to the librarian about some books we’ve been waiting on. And then we’re headed to their karate session this afternoon where they won’t interact with anyone at all. It’ll be super awkward ignoring everyone again, but if anyone can do it it’s a couple of homeschoolers!

Phew, nice to have that conversation done and in the bag. Again. Super excited to repeat it again tomorrow, and the next day, and…

6 questions every homeschooler is asked


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