We need to take off our busy badge

Post · Jan 16, 2019 ·

“Hey, how are you?!”
“I’m good – busy though! What about you?”
“Yeah, good, been pretty busy as well!”

That word has become a badge of honour. Something we know we need to be and say to show the world we’re contributing and achieving. We’re doing things. Lots of things.

It’s nothing short of an epidemic. Working late has become more of an achievement than producing meaningful results. Being last to leave the office is more respected than efficiently wrapping up early to see your family. Relentless hustle that only leaves you with five hours of sleep is celebrated.

Our homes have become almost transient places. We leap out of bed to the sound of an alarm, rush down our breakfast, pack our bags, shout at each other to hurry up and almost run out the door.

Fighting back against this epidemic is hard work. We’re so conditioned to the respect busy brings that it’s uncomfortable to even slow down. But it’s also incredibly important, because every time we stop we find magic.

That sparkle in our children’s eyes as they watch us stop and get down on their level instead of rushing past. Those nagging questions they keep asking that now sound sincere and inquisitive. That thing they kept trying to interrupt us with that now seems creative. Those annoying noises they keep making that now draw out a smile.

And we’re reminded that by being in the moment we’re telling them they’re worth our time.

Somehow we’ve created a world where being rushed off our feet, sleep-deprived and stressed is more respected than living slowly, intentionally, consciously…together.

It’s broken, frankly, and we need to slow down now while it’s not too late.

Busyness will always be there. Their childhood won’t.

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