Imagine a childhood built on a foundation of choice and meaning

Imagine a childhood built on a foundation of choice and meaning. A childhood with the time and space you need to follow your interests and passions down rabbit holes. A childhood where you have a say in the depth and breadth you explore them to, a say in when you do and don’t. A say in when you pivot those interests.

Imagine a childhood free of measures, benchmarks, tests, grades and comparisons.

Imagine a childhood where you have input in how your days are structured. In the physical spaces you spend your time. In what people you regularly interact with, and don’t. In who you serve, and why.

In the overall direction your life is heading.

In your purpose.

Now imagine the impact such a childhood would have on self-worth. Self-discovery. Self-identity. Self-confidence. On the pace of life. On personal fulfilment. On the unacceptable levels of anxiety and stress our children are experiencing. On the alarming rates of teenage depression.

I’m often asked why on earth we’d go to all the trouble of trying to ‘teach our children ourselves’, but that’s not why we’re doing this at all. The learning stuff, for us, is secondary at best.

No. We’ve chosen this path so we can set our children’s spirits free.

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