Unschooling can end ‘the way things have always been done’

We can bundle our children into small rooms and push what someone has decided they should know at them, or we can open a door to the real world and help them start making their mark.

The ‘way things have always been done’ is a self-preserving system that doesn’t want you to believe you have choice. It builds a weight of opinion on its side because going against the grain is innately hard for humans and we just add our voice to the one that’s already loud. The path has been worn in by generations, and so we continue to walk it – who am I to say it doesn’t head in the right direction?

But we do have choice in all this. We do have the ability to create our own path toward wherever our convictions lead us. And we do have the strength and confidence to push against a strong tide of opinion. In fact, we can turn that tide.

We just have to believe it.

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