This is how a five year old’s life changes when they start school

Post · May 5, 2019 ·

In a few short months our little one will officially be school age. If we were enrolling her in a classroom her day-to-day life would undergo some fundamental shifts:

From open-ended exploration to time-bound instruction.

From a majority of time spent outdoors to being mostly indoors.

From a majority of time spent in her imagination to being mostly in the here and now.

From learning through her own experiences to learning through those of others.

From a meandering, organic learning pathway to one that’s externally defined, set and required.

From playing and creating alongside other children to comparing her progress against theirs.

From embracing the differences between her and others to finding ways to conform.

From being closely connected to a parent throughout the day and night to being separated for more than half her waking hours.

I’m not sure we spend nearly enough time considering the significance and impact of this sudden shift in our children’s lives when they begin school. And I’m confident we don’t fully prepare them for it.

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