What does an unschooler’s classroom look like?

This is her classroom.

And the local farmers’ market. The library. The museum. Skate parks. Forest trails. The swimming pool. Her friend’s homes. Her own home.

It will grow, organically, as she does.

Her classmates are anyone she meets and spends time with, people of any age and from any background.

She will never tie learning to one main physical space. It will never feel hierarchical or mandated. It is everywhere, all around her, all the time.

She will never associate her age with expected academic progress. She will never hate a ‘subject’ because her interconnected world will never be compartmentalised into them.

Her self-worth will never be tied to grades. She draws motivation and confidence from an internal drive, not from someone else’s expectations of her.

She has a say in how her days are paced, in what she spends her time doing, in who she spends her time with.

And when she turns five, no one will tell her all this has to change just so she can be taught.

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