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The five questions every homeschool parent will be asked

Post · Jan 6, 2020 ·

“Hey there, kids – no school today?”
Nope. Not today, tomorrow, next week, or next year. Ok, give us the face. You know, the one with the tilted head and the deep frown. Thaaaat’s it.

“Oh…so…do they still learn things?”
Of course not, silly – we already said they don’t go to school! Learning only ever happens in school. We’re out here exploring things we’re passionate about every day with no boundaries, rules or bells telling us to stop. They won’t be learning a thing.

“Do you like homeschooling then, kids?”
I’ll jump in here and speak for them because they’ll probably just lie and say yes – but really, they think it’s awful. Honestly. It’s a lovely sunny day and they’re stuck here snorkelling at the beach. After that, they’ll probably read, draw and play in the sun, and then go home for a jam together on their guitar and piano. Ugh.

“What will you do about socialisation, though? Won’t they be isolated?”
You are interacting with them right now. Literally, right now. We are – as we speak – all standing here having a conversation. Hi! But yes, the chances of them developing any real social skills while we’re out meeting people of all ages and from all walks of life are probably about zero.

“What about later in life, like going to university. You won’t be able to teach them all the math, science etc. they’ll need, surely?”
Doesn’t matter, they’ll be too socially inept to even know what university is, haha! I joke. Look – I’m no astrophysicist, and I’m no chemist. I’m not even that great at math. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if it should be ‘math’ or ‘maths’. Some help school was to me, huh?! JOKING. But seriously – technology gives us way too much access to way too many learning resources on way too many subjects to ever hope to learn anything advanced outside of a classroom. Besides, my two boys are too busy peer programming their way through their own platform game to worry about things like math. Err, maths.

Wait, you’re not going already are you? Awww, I had more questions I wanted to answer! Until next time then, stranger ????

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