The significance of turning five


What significance that age holds for children, because for most it means their first day of school is just around the corner.

The idea is that a lot will suddenly be added to their life, but I see it the other way around. I think that first day marks the taking away of the most precious resource they have:


Time spent with mums, dads and siblings. Time spent in nature. Time spent playing. Time spent imagining. Time spent tinkering. Time spent being bored. Time spent solving that boredom. Time spent with the people they would choose to if they could. Time spent exploring what they’d love to if they had a say.


When a child turns five they blink and find that someone else has taken control over where they will spend it, who they will spend it with, and what they will spend it doing.

They blink and find themselves with almost three quarters less of something we adults talk about as priceless and fleeting, something we’d give almost anything to have more of.

I’m not sure any classroom environment on the planet is worth trading 13 years of something so valuable for.

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