Home schooling guides for parents taking (or considering) a different educational path with their children

Issy Butson, aka Stark Raving Dad. Author of The Grandparent's Guide to Home Schooling

Hi! For the past few years I’ve been writing about home schooling and unschooling, and the journey we go on as parents when we choose a different educational path for our children.

I’ve compiled some of my favourite, and most-read posts into beautiful little guides that offer support and encouragement for all those walking this road less travelled.

You’ll also find a link to the three documents I used to successfully exempt my 6, 11 and 13 year old children from school attendance. They’ll be a handy reference if you have similar requirements where you are, and if not – they’re probably just a great read as you work out your educational style.

I hope they bring you the same comfort they did me when I wrote them! Also, if you’re new here, come and say hello on Facebook. It’s a great place to connect with other home schooling and unschooling folks from all around the world.

Beautiful, life-giving guides for homeschoolers…

The Home Schooling Parent’s Comfort Handbook

My favourite posts, curated especially for home schooling and unschooling parents who need a little extra reassurance on their journey.

The Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Life Without School

If you’re one of a growing number of parents who are considering a different path through life with their children, this guide will help.

The Grandparent’s Guide to Home Schooling

This guide offers the reassurance and comfort your parents, or your parents-in-law, need to join your homeschooling journey.

School exemption applications

These are the actual applications we used to exempt our three children from school. They’ll be a handy reference for your own application, or for helping you define your educational approach.

Here’s what people say about the guides

“What a fantastic read, will be great to share with the grandparents who struggle to understand our decision to unschool. Thank you!”

Michelle Sutherland

You literally covered every single concern, every single comment I’ve had from other people about my child not being socialised, being weird or being deprived.”


Meet the Author
Issy Butson

Stark Raving Dad, aka Issy, is an unschooling dad to four children. By day, he runs Sales for a global software company. By night, he writes. Since publishing his first post three years ago, his words on home education have been shared and read by millions of people across the globe.