If home education has you feeling anxious or doubtful, this handbook can help…

The Home Schooling Parent's Comfort Handbook

The Home Schooling Parent’s Comfort Handbook is a beautiful, 60-page guide that will help calm any doubts as you take a path less travelled.

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In this guide is a bundle of some of my favourite posts, curated especially for home schooling and unschooling parents who need a little extra reassurance on their journey.

What’s in the guide? Here’s the table of contents

  1. Introduction: Hello, I’m so glad you’re here!
  2. On choosing a path people don’t understand
  3. On socialisation & weirdness
  4. On learning, and missing out on the classroom experience
  5. On feeling qualified to teach
  6. On your children being OK in the real world
  7. Keep going, because what you’re doing is important
  8. Meet the author, Issy Butson

The story behind the guide

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re part of a growing movement of parents who have decided to take a different educational path through life with their children.

It also probably means you’re often having to ride out waves of doubt.
The road less travelled is always bumpier than the one everyone else is walking. Sometimes it can feel exciting and adventurous. Sometimes it can feel like hard work. Sometimes, it can feel almost impossible.

That’s where this little handbook comes in.

You might be feeling alone and unsupported, or like you’re doing the wrong thing by your child, or that you aren’t qualified to take on the challenge you’ve committed to…whatever it is, know that I’ve chosen the posts I have for this guide because they’re the ones I’ve needed the most in my own home education life journey.

My hope is that they’ll bring you the same kind of comfort they gave me as I wrote them.

Instant download

Order the print edition on blurb.com

Here’s what people say about the guide.

“I loved this! It made me realize that I have made the right decision for our family!”

Erica Elizabeth

You literally covered every single concern, every single comment I’ve had from other people about my child not being socialised, being weird or being deprived.”


Meet the Author
Issy Butson

Stark Raving Dad, aka Issy, is an unschooling dad to four children. By day, he runs Sales for a global software company. By night, he writes. Since publishing his first post three years ago, his words on home education have been shared and read by millions of people across the globe.