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Helloooo and welcome to the Life Without School podcast, where I help you and your children live the life you want to, not just the one you’re told you should. New episodes drop weekly, and you can subscribe wherever you prefer to listen to your podcasts:

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5. How To Talk To Family And Friends About Home Education

One of the things we often underestimate when we decide to live a life without school – regardless of how excited about it we are – is how our family and friends will respond to it. How we’ll talk to them about it, and answer the questions that they’ll probably have. Because despite the growth and awareness in home education recently, we are still very much in the minority, and this path is still very misunderstood.

With so many families joining to this path, I want spend some time today building some tools to help with those family and friend conversations.

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4. Designing Your Life Without School

In this week’s episode I want to talk about how a good home education lifestyle doesn’t just happen…it needs to be designed. Because it’s one thing to decide that a life without school is the right thing for your family, and the path you’re going to take…but it’s a whole other thing to work out, practically, what your days and weeks will actually look like.

The beauty of home education, of course, is that you get to decide how you want to approach it. But, that’s also one of its biggest challenges. And more often than not, you won’t find your balance and flow until you’ve experimented, and probably blended together a few different approaches.

You need to find what works for both you and your children, ebbing and flowing with your family’s energy and interests.

That’s not easy, it doesn’t just happen, and it takes some thoughtful work. Today, I want to help you with some starting points and strategies for that.

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3. Busting The Two Biggest Homeschooling Myths

For this episode I want to dig into two of the biggest misconceptions about home education that I, personally, have experienced over the years that I’ve been an unschooling dad.

Despite it being a rapidly growing form of education, especially over the past year or two, homeschooling (or unschooling, hack schooling, home education, world schooling – whatever your personal flavour or term happens to be) – is still a widely misunderstood world.

The reasons for choosing to opt out of school and the approaches home educating families take have all broadened hugely over the years. How it’s all viewed by the wider population, hasn’t really kept pace with that. Common perception is as narrow as it was 50 years ago.

At best, this is causing awkward conversations in the playground.

At worst, it’s holding the world back from advancing how our children experience life (and that goes for their adulthood when they get there, too).

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2. How We Became A Home Educating Family

The very, very squiggly story of how we became a home educating family, including:

  • How we ended up at financial rock-bottom as 30 year olds (with two young children).
  • How despite that we’ve made it possible to always have at least one of us not working and at home with the children.
  • How we found the experience of attending three different schools across two different countries.
  • How a serious chronic illness threatened to derail our life plans, but actually helped keep us on the right path.
  • How our first attempt at homeschooling was an exhausting mess.
  • How we started de-schooling ourselves, and eventually settled into unschooling.

You know how you look at those families online and say ‘wow, life has been so easy for them – no wonder they can make a lifestyle like that work’?

Yeah, that’s not us.

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1. Introducing Life Without School


In this very first episode of the Life Without School podcast, I’m talking about why it even needs to exist. Why I’m so passionate about shining a light on life paths for children that don’t involve the normal school thing. Why there are millions of children around the world who wake up each day feeling broken, not enough, and believing that the things that come most naturally to them are not important.

Thank you for listening – I hope you’re as excited as I am about this podcast becoming a thing!

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