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Changing how the world sees home education

Newsletter · Oct 30, 2021

Hi there,

It’s been a little while since I dropped you a line here, because I’ve had my head down working on some new – and I think really important – ways of telling the home education story. Different ways of helping parents who are home educating, and any parent considering it, to feel supported, and encouraged, and seen.

I love to write, of course, but the podcast feels like it’s bringing me closer to you all, a place where I can show up every week and be – I hope! – tangibly helpful, and reassuring, and comforting. Seven episodes in, and it already feels a bit like…home.

And the little film I posted a week ago (if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s at the bottom of the page I link to below) has breathed real life into one of my favourite posts. It’s the first of many, because that combination of words, and moving images, and sounds…it just makes everything so real.

Today, I want to ask for your support in all this work through a one-off donation. It’s fast, easy, and secure, and you can contribute any time you feel you’re able to right here:


I’m really leaning into what I consider to be my life’s work, giving it absolutely everything I have, and anything you contribute will help me keep working hard to support and encourage the global home education community.

Together, we’re helping change the way the world thinks about home education.


If you’re in a position to help, and choose to do so, from the bottom of my heart….truly….thank you.

Talk soon,

Issy Butson, aka Stark Raving Dad. Author of The Grandparent's Guide to Home Schooling

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