Issy aka Stark Raving Dad

Heeeyyy I’m Issy,
aka Stark Raving Dad

I’m a home education writer and podcaster offering the support and encouragement to help you and your children live the life you want to, not just the one you’re told you should. Learn more>

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Home educating parents put a huge amount of pressure on themselves to perform the role of being a teacher. In this episode I talk through why I believe the stress, tension, and feelings of failure that often come from that are unnecessary. More

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Imagine you are walking through a forest. You pass patches of flowers, flax bushes, ferns, and vines. You follow a line of low shrubs, your eyes drawn up into the towering trees above. More


You know the child. She’s the one who doesn’t fit neatly in the classroom box. The one we label a problem. The one we try to change. More

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