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Wipe clean your educational mindset, and build a foundation for your life without school


This is Part 1 of my self-paced course for home schooling parents. And in this part, we go deep into the process of De-Schooling

We’ll look at a number of common beliefs and perceptions around education, in detail, and help you build a muscle that enables you to examine any other limiting beliefs you personally hold on to. This is a crucial step in building a life without school, for both your family, and your self.

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Watch the overview for the entire 3-part course.

The de-schooling process is about creating freedom for our children, and ourselves

Honestly, de-schooling is so important.

Because If you don’t lay this foundation as a home educator, if you don’t critically examine the beliefs you hold about education, you will always feel like you’re living a version of life that someone else has decided for you, and expects of you. 

When we grow up and live with the school system as our default model of education, we will naturally hold many beliefs that we may not have ever questioned. Here are just a few examples:

  • Children learn by being taught
  • Parents are not qualified to teach
  • School prepares children for The Real World
  • School is needed for qualifications, and good jobs
  • Our children must keep moving forward, or they will fall behind

If you look at this list and think “yes, that’s true” then you absolutely need to do this course, to free yourself from the conventional educational thinking that will hold back your life as a home educator.

We must question these beliefs (and more like them!) if we are to live freely as home educators, and help our children to make the most of this amazing opportunity to grow and learn, and to be themselves.

This course includes:

  • Access to the full-length high-quality, 34 minute video
  • A PDF Worksheet, which will become your De-Schooling Diary, helping you structure and understand your de-schooling journey
  • A complete transcript of the video (PDF) with a list of further reading and listening recommendations
  • You’ll also get Stark Membership free for one month. In the membership space you’ll share your journey with other people, ask questions, and get support in the chat and on our friendly Zoom calls.
    (Please note: the forum offer is limited to one free month per person)

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