The Parent’s Guide to Designing a Life Without School


The beauty of home education is that you get to choose how you want to approach it. But, that’s also one of its biggest challenges. This 60+ page instantly downloadable guide will show you how a good home education lifestyle doesn’t just happen, it needs to be designed.

And then it will help you do just that.

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It’s one thing to decide that a life without school is the right thing for your family, but it’s a whole other thing to work out, practically, what that will actually look like. This guide will step you through the process of de-schooling to help you prepare your mental ground for new planting. Then it’ll take you through four reflection questions, and help you bundle up the key takeaways from those into your own educational mission statement. You’ll then be on your way to implementing everything you’ve drawn out of yourself throughout this process, with a bundle of relevant resources all linked to help you dig deeper on your own terms.


What’s in the guide? Here’s the table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part One: De-schooling Yourself
  3. Children learn best by being taught
  4. A classroom is what the best possible learning environment looks like
  5. A school is where the best social development happens
  6. A formal education is the best path to the job or career you want
  7. Part Two: Reflection Questions
  8. What beliefs are you holding onto, that might hold your children back?
  9. How do your children engage with the world around them?
  10. How do you define your role in all of this?
  11. What does your best possible day look like?
  12. Part Three: Designing Your Life Without School
  13. Closing Thoughts
  14. Digging Deeper

Why I wrote the guide

When we first started homeschooling, many years ago, we felt like we were fumbling around in the dark. It took us a long time to settle into the best rhythm for our family, and looking back…it didn’t need to be that way. All we needed was some guidance from someone to help us reflect on who our children were, and how we could go about helping them get the best out of themselves.

Fast forward many years, and that’s why I’ve written this guide.

I have written it to bring you relief from the feelings of pressure that so often come with taking on complete educational responsibility for your child. I have written it to help you build a foundation for life that will allow your children to thrive. I have written it to bring out a natural confidence in your approach to home education – one that is undoubtedly within you, waiting to come to life.

And I have written it because I am a firm believer that a good home education lifestyle doesn’t just happen. It needs to be designed.

I hope it is for you now, what I needed way back then.

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