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Create a home education life for your family that is truly your own


In Part 2 of my self-paced course on home schooling, we’ll look at how you create a life that is uniquely yours. A life that resonates most deeply with you and your family.

One that allows you all to grow in ways that are authentic to who you are, not what other people expect of you.

This doesn’t happen by accident. You have to purposefully design your life together with your children, and work at it.

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Watch the overview for the entire 3-part course.

As home educators, if we aren’t intentional about how we live, then we probably won’t get out of it what we hope

We have the opportunity to provide our children with the right conditions to become the truest, best versions of who they were born to be.

But that will only happen if we’re super intentional in setting up an environment which creates that outcome. And it will only happen if we use the time we have available to us wisely.

In this course we’ll talk through the 7 Areas of Designing Your Life Without School, that will help you build a life that’s right for your family, where you can make the most of your time together.

Here are a few examples:

  • We’ll uncover the ‘why’ of your home schooling, and make sure your children understand it too
  • We’ll look at the specific beliefs you’re holding onto that will hold your children back
  • We’ll consider how your children engage with the world around them
  • And, we’ll think about how to define your measures of success – the ones that say to us “we’re on the right path”

As we work through these topics, you’ll start to see a clear picture of what your ideal home education life can look like. I can’t do this work for you. But, I can help you to take your life and shape it in a way that’s intentional, and unique to you and your family.

This course includes:

  • Access to the full-length high-quality, 30 minute video
  • A PDF Worksheet, which will become your Life Without School Map, helping you understand your family, and build an approach that is just right for you.
  • A complete transcript of the video (PDF) with a list of further reading and listening recommendations
  • You’ll also get Stark Membership free for one month. In the membership space you’ll share your journey with other people, ask questions, and get support in the chat and on our friendly Zoom calls.
    (Please note: the forum offer is limited to one free month per person)

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