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You might be feeling excited, or apprehensive? Let's point your energy in the right direction 🌻


If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re taking on the challenge of a lifetime – delivering an education to your children – and want to be as prepared as you possibly can. You want to give this thing your absolute best shot.

In this guide we’ll cover five questions that are fundamental to home schooling. Questions that – if you want to homeschool on your own terms, and with confidence – are critically important to explore. Whether you’re new to home schooling, or want to freshen your perspective, this guide can help.

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What could be better than not going back to school?

Do you have a sense of clarity and direction for the time ahead of you, and your children?

In this guide are 5 meaningful questions that get to the very heart of home schooling đź’›

I really hope this guide starts to bubble up some confidence and empowerment within you. I’ve included links to more learning material, and specific episodes of my podcast, that build on the the content in this guide.

In writing this guide, my hope is that you’ll feel more ready than ever to explore, and nail, your own family’s life flow. 

You’ve got this!