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You're thinking of breaking up with the school system? That's such a big moment


Making the decision to home school can feel enormous, and overwhelming. If you’re at this point, before taking the plunge, you’ll naturally have a lot of concerns. It’s hard to imagine a more significant decision—because there’s literally nothing more important than your child’s future, right?

The Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Life Without School will help ease your anxiety in choosing a different path with your children. You’ll come away understanding how the experience can work for your family, and how it can help your children to be become the truest version of themselves — not who the school system thinks they should be.

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I want to help you understand your feelings around the school system, and the potential of home schooling

The school system frames our thinking about education.

And because it’s often all we know, it can be difficult to work out why it doesn’t feel right.

Hello, I’m excited you’re here 🌻

Because it means you’re part of a growing movement of parents who are considering a different path through life with their children.

Maybe your active, physical child isn’t a good fit for the regimented structure of a classroom.

Maybe your child is neurodivergent, and the school system is simply incapable of meeting their individual needs.

Maybe you feel almost physical pain when you drop your child off every morning.

Maybe you’re worried your child’s creativity will be squashed by a relentless focus on academics.

Maybe you were bullied yourself, and the thought of your sensitive child spending their lunch breaks in a school playground fills you with dread.

This guide will help you to untangle and understand your thoughts and feelings around school, and what it means for your child

The words in this guide were born from big feelings I found myself trying to process when my children were young. Whatever your reason for landing here, this guide will help you bring those feelings to the surface. It will help you put a finger squarely on why you feel the way you do. And it will help you put words to it all.

When you make a big decision, it’s important to have clarity. That is the purpose of this guide.

PDF download

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