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Example exemption applications that help you wave goodbye to school


I’m often asked about the regulations around homeschooling and unschooling, and what steps we’ve had to work through to make sure what we’re doing is above board. From what I’ve seen, registering yourself as a home educating family is drastically different from country to country (and even state to state within countries). But wherever you are, whatever process you need to follow, it can be helpful to see what others have put together.

This download will give you the complete exemptions I submitted, and had approved, for my three school-aged children.

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About the exemption applications

New Zealand required a fairly robust application, so I thought it might be useful to share ours publicly. We submitted a new one for each of our children at the start of 2021, covering their ages and stages at that time: 6, 11, and 13. Our applications were approved quickly, with no revisions needed.

Wherever you live, whatever the specific requirements, I reckon having something like this to refer to is pretty handy.

If you have any questions at all, drop me a line any time: [email protected]


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