Find connection and support with like-minded home educating parents

$10 / month

The Stark Community is a safe, private space where people who are home educating can share, and connect. It’s for parents who are ready to support and encourage each other, and grow in their role as home educators. Parents who want to make deep, valuable, rewarding connections with others on this journey.

$10 / month
$99 / year

“Sometimes all it takes is knowing someone else is in the same situation, facing the same predicaments, and that you are not alone.”

Nicole, New Zealand

Every family is unique — we have so much to gain when we get together.

This is what you’ll find in the community:

A friendly Chat Forum

The chat space is similar to a Facebook Group, but so much less noisy. Hang out and discuss home education, and share stories and reflections with like-minded parents. If you have a question, you’ll get an answer. And, you’ll also be able to offer support, too.

The Weekly Zoom

This is a relaxed, fun (optional) video call where we can see other faces and hear voices from this global tribe, and top-up our energy and motivation together.
Make a cup of coffee or tea, and jump on the call. You’re amongst friends, and you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile.

The Best Resources

As a group, we’re gathering up-to-date lists of the very best home education resources. Forget about the endless Googling, and go straight to books, apps, media, podcasts and educational resources you can trust – for both you, and your children.

Here’s feedback from parents like you.

“Having the chance to bounce ideas around and ask questions live was so very valuable.”

Crystal, USA

“Even if we are not all taking the exact same approach, I felt that this space was welcoming and judgment-free.”

Elizabeth, USA

“Sometimes all it takes is knowing someone else is in the same situation, facing the same predicaments, and that you are not alone.”

Nicole, New Zealand

“I loved all the conversations as they either related to us now with a 9 year old, or were where we are heading with a teenager.”

Lisa, New Zealand

“The opportunity to ask all my questions and receive thoughtful and individualized feedback was truly priceless.”

Bethany, USA

Common Questions

Is Stark Community Membership right for me?

Stark Community is for parents who believe that childhood needs to be redefined, and who are ready to lean into their children’s education and development to help them become the best version of themselves.

If you’re looking for connection and support from like-minded parents, then Stark Community is for you.

Will I fit in? I’m a Classic Homeschooler / Unschooler / Charlotte Mason / Eclectic Schooler / World Schooler / Something Different!

We understand you’re passionate about your flavor of home education. And, we’re also open to whatever you bring to the table. We operate a judgment-free space of mutual respect. We’re keen to have as much diversity as possible, in part because it gives us all the opportunity to learn more about home education in general.

From Issy’s podcast, The Life Without School, you’ll know that he’s an unschooler. But even within that group, there’s a spectrum of practise and approach.

We believe that every parent, child and family is unique, and we welcome everyone not taking a typical school-based approach.

Will I get to talk to Issy (StarkRavingDad)?

Issy hosts the Weekly Zooms and hangs out in the forum, but this does not guarantee he’ll answer your questions. And because Community Membership is only a few dollars a month, he simply can’t offer 1:1 support. If you are interested in personalis coaching with Issy, we have a separate offering you can learn more about here.

I really need help with my problems! What support will I get?

If you, or a member of your family, are experiencing issues in terms of mental or physical health, relationships, learning and development, or something else, we recommend you seek professional help.

The Stark Community is a group of parents offering advice and support to one another. But it is absolutely not a professional counselling or therapy service of any kind.

In joining the Community, you agree to have reasonable expectations. Any form of support or advice you receive is at the discretion of the individual giving it, and no Community Member, Moderator or Administrator is under any obligation to you whatsoever.

How much time will it take?

We get it! You’re a busy parent. You can use the discussion forum as much or as little as you like — it’s completely up to you.

The optional Weekly Zooms run for an hour, once a week.

What time are The Weekly Zooms on?

Timezones are tricky. We try and move the exact times around so that everyone around the world gets a turn. We’re also experimenting with running a couple of week – one for United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand – and one for United States and South Africa.

Between timezones, your life and our lives, I’m afraid we cannot guarantee that there will be a Weekly Zoom that is convenient for you, every week. That said, the calls are so much fun we think they’re worth the late night, or early morning.

This is very much a work in progress…

What if I want to cancel my Membership?

Of course we hope you don’t! And we’re working hard to make the Community valuable for home educators, and well worth the investment of your time and money.

That said, you can cancel your membership’s automatic renewal at any time — it’s right there in your account settings. Please note, that unfortunately we do not offer pro-rated refunds.