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Are your parents struggling with your decision to educate at home?


When you’re doing things so differently, it’s natural for grandparents to be critical of your parenting, and to feel protective of their grandchildren. After all, they have most likely spent their lives with a conventional schooling model.

The Grandparent’s Guide to Home Schooling is an easy read. A 66 page guide that will help grandparents understand home education and better relate to the life you have chosen for your family. If your parents find it hard to come to terms with what you’re doing, this guide will help build common ground, and smooth out what can become difficult (and heated) conversations.

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This guide breaks down the most common concerns grandparents have about an alternative education path. It offers the reassurance and comfort your parents, or your parents-in-law, need to join your homeschooling journey.

What’s in the guide? Here’s the table of contents

  1. Foreword by Dr Russell Butson: the world has changed since we went to school
  2. Introduction: Why choose homeschooling?
  3. Will my grandchildren be poorly socialised?
  4. Will my grandchildren still be learning, or will they fall behind?
  5. How will my grandchildren learn without a classroom?
  6. How long will my grandchildren be home schooled for?
  7. How will my grandchildren learn technical topics, like chemistry or physics?
  8. What if my grandchildren want to go to university?
  9. Will my grandchildren be prepared for The Real World?
  10. What can I do to support my family through all of this?

Why I wrote the guide

It’s easy to feel discouraged as a home educating parent, especially when you’re just getting started. You quickly find yourself swimming against a strong current of social norms. The responsibility can feel immense, the breaks few. For many, having their parents involved is an important part of finding the balance they need to make this lifestyle work. Often, though, our current generation of grandparents find it hard to come to terms with the idea of their precious grandchildren being homeschooled or unschooled.

If this sounds like your parents, or your parents-in-law, this short but powerful book might help. I’ve bundled it up just for them – the generation of people who lived their formative years in a very, very different time.

With a forward written by a grandparent to unschooled kids (who is also an ex-teacher and now senior lecturer and researcher in education), followed by six balanced, eloquent posts that break down the most common concerns grandparents have about an alternative education path, this little guide may just be the reassurance and comfort your parents need to join you on your home education journey.

Or, at the very least, give them a better understanding of the thought that’s gone into your decision.

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