Build confidence as a home educator by de-schooling, defining your lifestyle, and learning to coach your child


Being a Home Educator is difficult, because it’s all on you.

What style of learning is right for your child? What do you do with your days? And how do you help your children develop the passions and drive that will carry them through life?

In this course we start by giving you a clean educational mindset. This fresh start allows you to design a version of home education that fits your family, just right. We then take a deep dive in your role as a home educating parent, to help you become the best possible coach and mentor to your children.


Key Takeaways

Clear your thinking of limitations set by the formal education system

Make empowered decisions as an educator that are true to you, and your family

Learn how to coach your child to get the most out of their days, and the best out of themselves

Feedback from the course

“Designing our lives without school has allowed us to help our children feel truly seen, heard, and supported like never before.”

Elizabeth, USA

“I feel so fortunate to have taken this course.”

Bethany, USA

“I’ve done a heap of reading, listening, and exploring in this space for the last 2 years, and this course helped me so much in reminding me why we chose this route.”

Jude, South Africa

“Connecting with others in this space was very helpful!”

Tammy, USA

“The course was all fantastic and well worth it for me.”

Crystal, USA

“Your willingness to ‘share’ (and inform) is both encouraging and reassuring – thank you!”

Karin, New Zealand

This is exactly the course my partner Kate and I *wish* we’d had when we were struggling with home education

We spent years working on our approach, refining our relationships with our children, and the way we communicate as a family.

My goal is to help you and your children live the life you choose. One that’s true to who you are. This course will help you get there.

And having completed this course, you’ll begin to see a clear picture of what your ideal home education life can look like.

This course includes video, learning material, and conversation within a private home education community

In the Complete Course, you’ll get:

Access to the full 3-part Life Without School Course:

  1. De-Schooling Your Mind
  2. Designing Your Life Without School
  3. Being Their Coach (Not Their Teacher)

And each part of the course includes:

  • A full-length high-quality video
  • A PDF Worksheet, which you’ll use to apply the course material, to better understand yourself, your children, and how to develop your educational life at home
  • A complete transcript of the video (PDF) with a list of further reading and listening recommendations

You’ll also get 1 month free access to the Stark Home Education Community forum, where you can keep learning, share your journey with other people, ask questions, and get support.

(Please note: the forum offer is limited to one free month per person)

Common questions

I’ve read your guide ‘Designing Your Life Without School’ — will this course give me anything new?

Ohhhhhh yes! Consider the guide a good scene-setting experience. The course takes every single concept discussed there much, much further, and that – in combination with the private community there to support you through the process – makes this a significantly deeper experience than reading the guide.

How long will the course take?

There’s a short welcome video to get you started, and then the three parts are all between 30 and 40 minutes each. So all up, there’ll be about 1.5 hours of time spent in the videos. The worksheets, and the reflection and planning time you spend there, will take as much time investment as you want to give them!

How is the course delivered?

The course is designed to be completely self-paced, so is delivered via a series of recorded videos you can watch (and come back to!). Each section will also have a clearly signposted worksheet to download and print, as well as complete transcripts and notes.

After I pay for the course, what happens next?

You will receive an email with a link to set up an account that gives you immediate access to both the course and the community. If you have any issues at all, we’re right at the end of that email to help.

How long will I have access to the course videos?

Whenever you need them, they’ll be there 🙂 Your access doesn’t expire.

What will I get out of joining the community?

Aside from everything you’d hope for – support, encouragement, inspiration and friendship in your day-to-day home ed life – you’ll also see a lot of Issy. He’s committed to backing up this course with coaching advice that’s specific to where you’re at in your journey and who your family are, so he’ll be in and around almost every post. And, if you join the (optional) group weekly Zoom chat, he’ll be right there as part of the conversation.

What do I do if I want to keep my community membership going past the first month?

Easy! Jump over to the membership page here, add it to your cart, and start your subscription. All your same profile and details will be there in the community, and you’ll automatically be charged on the same day each month as you go. Want to cancel your membership? You can do that too – and come back any time you like. Your account will be there, just where you left off.