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Beginning in 2017, Stark Raving Dad has developed a following of tens of thousands of parents who are deeply passionate about the education of their children, and are highly active in their family life.

The topic of home education sets people apart from the typical family experience. Parents educating at home face a big challenge in going against the grain – not just in the important responsibility they have taken on, but also the defence of it when asked to justify their choice by family, friends and even complete strangers.

As a seasoned unschooler, husband of an ex-teacher, and son of a tenured tertiary lecturer in education, I am super passionate about helping people find their way on this journey. My mission is to change the perception of home education, globally, and to help it become accepted as a wonderful way to raise a family.

We’re at a moment in history where home education makes more sense than ever. I love the challenge of offering support and comfort to home educators around the world, whose numbers have grown significantly over the past 18 months. The numbers are up globally, but the statistics from the US are simply staggering: at the start of 2020 around 3.3% of households were homeschooling. Now, it’s closer to 12%.

This is a movement of people who are opting to make positive, meaningful change in the lives of their families.

The Life Without School podcast launched in September 2021 and has already amassed hundreds of thousands of downloads. I’m interested in talking to potential sponsors who are aligned with family lifestyle and the home education movement.

To start a conversation around featuring your business with a host-voiced ad read on the podcast, email me here: [email protected]

Here’s what people say…

“You offer more inspiration and encouragement then you’ll ever know, and it has had life-changing effects for us. You’re helping us feel brave enough to follow our hearts and live the life we always wanted to and for that we are forever grateful.”

Meaghan, Ireland

“You’ve spent years making accessible content, and the podcast just brings all of it forward. Thank you.”

Nichole, USA

“So grateful I came across your writing a couple years back now. Without seeming hyperbolic, it was a catalyst in changing our approach to learning. Thank you for sharing your family’s story so openly.”

Anjuli, Australia

“Refreshing, raw, honest, and oh so relatable. Your perspective has provided us with a completely new awareness of what is possible for our family and the vitality of our incredible children.”

Pipalotta2012 (Apple Podcasts review), New Zealand

“I have been searching for podcast after podcast on unschooling. I wish there were hundreds of them and I would binge them for hours a day. It gives me peace about my choices and joy for the future.”

My Boys Momma (Apple Podcasts review), USA

“You literally covered every single concern, every single comment I’ve had from other people about my child not being socialised, being weird or being deprived.”

Lucy, United Kingdom

“I am so grateful to have this incredibly engaging, thoughtful and well-produced podcast in my life. It is inspiration and connection. It is guiltless reassurance. Thank you for bringing the joy and fullness of home education into our ears and hearts.”

badmamabakes (Apple Podcasts review), USA

“I can’t even find the words to properly express how much Issy’s blog and now PODCAST means to me! He is incredible and he writes/speaks in such a knowledgeable and powerful way. I am forever recommending his work to anyone who will listen. ❤️”

A.Loves.G (Apple Podcasts review), Australia

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