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Why home schooling?
The ‘why’ is what I’m all about

There are a lot of blogs out there telling you how to homeschool or unschool. They cover the day-to-day practicalities wonderfully. They offer printables, and Pinterest boards, and homeschooling curriculum options…

My blog doesn’t offer any of that – it’s here to encourage, inspire and motivate. To address the why.

Why should you consider unschooling or homeschooling? Why is school not the best option for many kids? Why should you not worry about socialisation, about your ability to teach, or about your kids finding their way in the world? And what will your parent’s think?

I’m writing beautiful guides to support home schooling parents and their families. Take a look>

Example pages from a home schooling guide

If you’re new here, your best starting place is either my Facebook or Instagram feed. Almost every post I write is designed to be a short, punchy, reassuring take on living a life without school.

Or, listen to my Life Without School Podcast. You can find it wherever you listen to your podcasts, and new episodes land every week.

If you’ve read some of my posts already and find them resonating, I’ve bundled my favourites up into guides for the different stages of home education: when you need that extra reassurance before or while you make the leap, when you need some comfort or strength on the hard days, or when you just can’t seem to get your family (especially your parents or parents-in-law!) on the same page as you. You can find those here.

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I’m so glad you’re here!