Why home schooling?
The ‘why’ is what I’m all about

Issy Butson, aka Stark Raving Dad. Author of The Grandparent's Guide to Home Schooling

There are a lot of blogs out there telling you how to homeschool or unschool. They cover the day-to-day practicalities wonderfully. They offer printables, and Pinterest boards, and homeschooling curriculum options…

My blog doesn’t offer any of that – it’s here to encourage, inspire and motivate. To address the why.

Why should you consider unschooling or homeschooling? Why is school not the best option for many kids? Why should you not worry about socialisation, about your ability to teach, or about your kids finding their way in the world? And what will your parent’s think?

I’m writing beautiful guides to support home schooling parents and their families. Take a look>

Example pages from a home schooling guide

My goal is to inspire anyone considering this whole alternative education thing, to encourage those who might be struggling on their journey, and to plant a seed for those who haven’t even thought about it yet.

Welcome, and thanks for reading – it’s so awesome that you’re here 🙂 If you’d like to know more about my family’s background and our journey into unschooling, take a look at this post.

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